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Messages From College Authority

Mr. Manu Manjil (Chairperson)


Dear Parents/Guardains,

Koshi School/College marks its 15th anniversary this year. In a brief span of one and a half decade, this seat of learning has evolved on a considerable scale gaining, one by one, several of its educational targets set at the beginning of the journey. We placed human resource mechanism at the top in our priority list and worked cautiously to bring together a team of sharp, gifted and dedicated teaching professionals. We took equal care of establish a system to ensure the enrollment of comaptible groups of students. Beyond time-honored lecture methods and periodical pencil-and-paper tests, we shifted our focus on project-based learning, working closely with students to support their quality classroom performances and mass presentations. We yearned to see our students in their best versions, and for that giving them a sense of pride-of-place, comfort, grace and joy was a necessity. We spun together ways to put them high on confidence and worked to give them emotional support & shaping. Koshi as it stands today is the result of a long and arduous hardwork. The difference students feel here now is our dream realized. We are commiteted to working the harder way in times to come so that our students could benefit more. Your continued support is our valuable jewel. We hope you will stand beside us whenever we turn to you for assistance.

Mr. Shashi Shrestha (CEO)


In an enriched-learning set-up, work ethics and internal mechanism play a vital role. The physical facilities and the best available workforce alone are never sufficient for an academic institution with lofty goals & ideals. We are in a gaseous age, and information technology is always an added advantage for the workforce as well as the students. We have, therefore, made available some state-of-the-art IT apparatueses that enhance not just teaching-learning but the efficiency and intensity of the workforce. Our IT/Science labs, library and seminar hall are all regular parts in the process of our everyday teaching.

We usually do not chase easy tricks of the trade. We carefully set goals and work out plans and devise strategies to be able to get around the target. A brief glance over the past few years shows that certain strategies we employed in the past have proved to be immensely rewarding. We believe that effieciency and smart work are always the results of effective operation plan.

We understand that as teachers we have challenging roles to pay. We are in an age of growing competitiveness. Shaping up scholars in orthodox ways is just not enough. Emotional and academic strength aside, students need to harness skills that enable them to deal with intricacies that career as well as life involves today. Stres management, socializing, leadership, relationships, bonding, teamwork, public presentation and many other physicological & psychological aspects cannot be ignored. We on certain occasions invite highly successful people, artists, writers & experts who share their valuable experiences & stories with our students & fire curiosity & energy. Out students really enjoy all these multiple dimensions in our system.

Mr. Anant Kumar Subedi (Campus Chief)


The effieciency of an educational institution largely depends on the affairs of management. The workforce, technical capabilities and all fall apart shoud the centre fail to hold them together. All operational aspects even in full swing sometimes become counter-productive and, therefore, ineffective if there is no coordinated regularity of work.

We have all along the road tried to put right people in right place. We place a great deal of focus on student appearance, conduct & characters, student-friendly activities, their uninterrupted involvement in observation, studey, projects & presentations work wonder if they are properly integrated. We, therefore, have developed a strict workplace surveillance system so that nothing in teaching & learning goes awry. We do a lot of student counselling. Teacher-parent meetings have so far remained very vital in this regard. We do all we can to brush up students' language and behaviour, and find remedial ways to help them improve their academics. Occasionally, we engage our students in team works and social outreach programmes so that they graducally evolve into good human beings.

The society must shine when our young scholars walk down the streets. We want our students to not just shine on career paths but also a good citizens with a heart & mind to serve the humanity at large.

You are welcome to this institution. Your days here, I'm sure, will be full of fun and joyful engagements.

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