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Marquee Congratulations to Koshi Ambassadorship Award winners(KAA)-2074,  1) Puskar Diyali  2) Aayush Shrestha  3)Sagar Basnet  4) Abhinav Shah  5) Susan Basnet 6) Bebika Parajuli 7) Kanchan Chaudhary 8) Darpana Luitel 9) Kiran Babu Sedai 10) Anamika Timsina And all the successful candidates.

Scholarship Schemes for Plus Two(+2)

Full Scholarship

  • Entrance toppers: Streamwise: Class XI
  • Final Exam toppers:Class XII
  • "Koshi Ambassadorship Award (KAA) " toppers : 5 Students
  • 80% and above in entrance test.

Partial Scholarship (based on regular-entrance result)

  • 70% and above : 100% in admission
  • 60% and above : 33% in admission
  • 50% and above : 20% in admission
  • below 50% : 10% in admission

Koshi Ambassadorship Award (KAA) :

This is a form of scholarship granted to the ambassadors of Koshi College. The College grants full scholarship every year to five toppers of KAA entrance test conducted at the beginning of each academic session. The leading scholars enjoy the grant through both the years of their higher sec. level studies(+2).

            Scholarship Quota: 5 (Five)

            Entrance date: 26th Ashadh, 206 (Saturday) at 12:00 P.M.

             Who can apply?

        • SLC graduates with good academic performance.

Students who are not selected for this programme will be eligible for other various regular scholarship programme. For that, they have to sit for other regular entrance tests, but they need not fill up the next entrance form.

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