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Marquee Congratulations to Koshi Ambassadorship Award winners(KAA)-2074,  1) Puskar Diyali  2) Aayush Shrestha  3)Sagar Basnet  4) Abhinav Shah  5) Susan Basnet 6) Bebika Parajuli 7) Kanchan Chaudhary 8) Darpana Luitel 9) Kiran Babu Sedai 10) Anamika Timsina And all the successful candidates.


Message From The Chairperson

I have long cherished a dream for a friendly workplace which is educational in nature and values creative gifts. I have long sought-for companions who are well read in the best of books, are honest down to their bone and take works for a prayer. I, too, have long looked for an atmosphere where genuine scholarship finds a respected place; where good character is a glamour and good heart an asset.

And, I feel immensely satisfied here at Koshi among smart teaching professionals, sincere & hardworking officers, disciplined,shining young learners and creative thinkers. Students here read best of books, learn moral values, go out to serve the society and return more enriched.

I like these all and love them all. Students make me feel great with great books open in their hands, discussing them in high spirits and exhibiting a lot of hope. Society makes me feel great being a partner and a friend. And everything Koshi has today is reflecting my dreams.

Thank you.

Mr. Manu Manjil

Message From The College Principal

When we set up this college some nine years ago we had multiple limitations. We did not have land and buildings, nor vehicles, public support and love of the mass as of now. We launched plus two programs in a rented building with bare classrooms and a tumbleddown outhouse for the office of the principal. What we were without then was well recompensated for by the support of our friends in the locality. Their support was all we started everything with.

Yet we exhibited necessary heroism and spirit in those days of painful struggle. The rough road we took proved to be right at long last. It's just nine years since and we have almost everything now from a centrally located piece of land, buildings and vehicles to enriched labs, libraries and convected manpower resources. Our brilliant graduates in the past years have demonstrated enterprising qualities in their workplaces. Financial and social institutions around want Koshi products for reason of their skill, conduct and spirit.

On assuming office, I thank all parents, students & friends who have in one way or the other contributed to the towering image of this institution. We posses all we need for high standard teaching and learning now. We have shifted our entire focus on heightening quality and establishing a distinct brand. We hope we shall be able to develop this institution into a centre of excellence soon.

Thank you.

Mr. Anant Kumar Subedi
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