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Marquee Congratulations to Koshi Ambassadorship Award winners(KAA)-2074,  1) Puskar Diyali  2) Aayush Shrestha  3)Sagar Basnet  4) Abhinav Shah  5) Susan Basnet 6) Bebika Parajuli 7) Kanchan Chaudhary 8) Darpana Luitel 9) Kiran Babu Sedai 10) Anamika Timsina And all the successful candidates.
Koshi Poetry Symposium

On Poush the 4th,2066, Koshi St. James College was venue for a poetry reading programme attended by brilliant poets & scholars from across the eastern region. Individuals of disparate faiths and philosophies were together for poetry.

Addressing the enlightened audience as Chief Guest, Dr. Abhi Subedi thanked the college for organising a literary event so 'rare' in nature & strength. Special Guest Prakash Sayami was all excitement while he addressed the gathering. Around 40 poets read wonderful poems on the occassion chaired by Mukunda Ghimire, the college principal.

Shashi Shrestha, the vice president of the college and a bright computer engineer, must be thanked for the trouble he took for videographing the show and saving the content and voice of poets for literary enthusiasts and internet visitors.

For reason of space and clarity, we could accomodate only few selected poets and their readings. Any inconvenience caused is regretted.

- Manu Manjil


Poem List
S.n. Title Poet
1. Chakrawat Dr. Abhi Subedi Play Download
2 Speech Dr. Abhi Subedi Play Download
3. Speech Prakash Sayami Play Download
4. Lamppost Manu Manjil Play Download
5. Duryodhan Dr. Badri Bishal Pokhrel Play Download
6. Siraha Badri Bhikari Play Download
7. Gajal Biresh Rai Play Download
8. Pharak Rup Devan Kiranti Play Download
9. Sammanit Ma Eku Ghimire Play Download
10. Deutaharulai Samjhaidinu Heman Yatri Play Download
11. Desh J.B.Thulung Play Download
12. Kurda Kurdai Jyoti Jungle Play Download
13. Dukheko Aatmaslagha Krishna Binod Lamsal Play Download
14. Ma Pheri Bhetchhu Timilai Kumud Adhikari Play Download
15. Jantare Prakash Angdambe Play Download
16. Gajal Puran Rai Play Download
17. Mero Sapanako Hiun Girima Euta Desh Radhika Guragain Play Download
18. Samjhana Ramesh Sayan Play Download
19. Hiun Majh Ubhera Ramji Timalsina Play Download
20. Chitra Yo Desh Prem Ko Sabita Gautam Play Download
21. Sapana Seema Abhas Play Download
22. Manchheko Khoji Shreedhar Sharma Play Download
23. Taj Mahal Suman Pokhrel Play Download
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