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Marquee Congratulations to Koshi Ambassadorship Award winners(KAA)-2074,  1) Puskar Diyali  2) Aayush Shrestha  3)Sagar Basnet  4) Abhinav Shah  5) Susan Basnet 6) Bebika Parajuli 7) Kanchan Chaudhary 8) Darpana Luitel 9) Kiran Babu Sedai 10) Anamika Timsina And all the successful candidates.

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JODEM- Journal of the Department of English,Mahenddra Multiple Campus, Dharan.

First published in September 1998 with the objectives of providing a space for the members of the Department of English for their academic publication, JODEM has recently been a regular publication. It was believed that the publication would enhance the reading, research and writing, the essential parts of the professional life of college teachers. It was aimed to be published annually. In the first volume, some members of the Central Department of English had also contributed their articles. This first attempt was encouraging for many. Despite all these, it had to wait 12 more years for its second volume.

The second volume was published in September 2010. This time the existing members of the Department of English and the MA research students who completed their research works from January 2009 to June 2010 contributed their articles. The second volume included the list of all MA research works conducted in the department since the beginning of the programme in 2050BS. The list of all English teachers of this campus from its establishment in 2012 BS and the names of all Heads of the Department of English from the beginning of the establishment of the department were also included. A basic system for the preparation of articles was set. For that, an article writer needed to prepare the article first as a seminar paper, to present it in a departmental seminar, to collect feedback from the participants and improve the paper up to the standard of the departmental journal. An interview with a retired or senior member of the department began as a regular feature of the journal. Articles in linguistics, literature, translation and pedagogy were published. The journal was distributed to many scholars and colleges where the Masterís and M. Phil. programmes were run.

The third volume was published in April, 2011. It carried on the same features that of the second volume. Now, it will be published annually. It will remain as an essential part of academic activities of the Department. As some senior members of the department could not manage to contribute their articles in both of the 2nd and 3rd volumes, all members are expected to work on this in the days to come.


Advisory Board

1. Mr. Surya Kumar Rai
Campus Chief
2. Prof. Dr. Tanka Pd. Neupane
Head,Department of Nepali
3. Prof. Dr.Tara Bdr. Niraula
Chairman,Research Committee
Department of Management
4. Mr. Giriraj Pathak
Head,Department of Economics

Board of Editors

Kedar Prasad Poudel,PhD
1. Hemchandra Adhikari
2. Ramji Timalsina
3. Jiwan Kumar Rai
4. Asmita Bista

Area Leaders

Leader: Dr. Kedar Prasad Poudel
Deputy leader: Bidur Rai
Literature and Translation
Leader: Hemchandra Adhikari
Deputy leader: Ramji Timalsina

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