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Marquee Congratulations to all the Koshi SLC Graduates.   10 A+, 29 A, 43 B+, 10 B. Admission Open For Grade XI. Entrance Examinations: Monday, 13th Asad, 2073. Time : 8:00 am.

Academic Programs

Higher Secondary (10+2)

Commerce - XI (Eleven)   Commerce - XII (Twelve)
Comp. English
Principles of Accountancy-I
*Business Studies/Computer Science/Finance

Comp. English
Principles of Accountancy-II
*Business Studies/Computer Science

Education - XI (Eleven)   Education - XII (Twelve)

Comp. English
Intro.Edu. & Inst.Pedagogy
*Opt.English / Opt.Nepali/ Rural Devlopment
*Opt. HPE / Opt.Population

  Comp. English
*Opt.English / Opt.Nepali
*Opt. HPE / Population


BBS - First Year   B.Ed. - First Year

Comp. English
Cost & Management Accounting
Business Economics
Principle of Mgmt.
Business Statistics

Compulsory (General) Papers
-General English
-General Nepali
Optional Papers
i) Special English
-Language & Linguistics
-Reading, Writing & Critical Thinking
i) Special Nepali
-सामान्य प्ायाेिगक भाषा िवज्ञान
-नेपाली नाटक, एकांकी र िनवन्ध
ii) Special HPE
-Foundations of Health
-Foundations of Physical Education

B.B.S. - Second Year   B.Ed. - Second Year
Acct. for financial analy. & planning
Fundamentals of Marketting
Fundamentals of HRM
Fundamentals of financial management
Business law
  Compulsory (General) Papers
-Curriculum & Evaluation
-Educational Psychology
Optional Papers
i) Special English
-New Horizon
-Communicative English
-Method of Teaching English
i) Special Nepali
-नेपाली क िवता ख०डकाव्य र महाकाव्य
-कथा र उपन्यास
-नेपाली भाषा िशक्षण
ii) Special HPE
-Foundations of Public Health
-Sports, Science & Games
-Method of Teaching HPE
BBS - Third Year   B.Ed. - Third Year

Entrepreneurship & Small Business
i) Finance
- Corporate finance
- Foundations of Financial Institutions and Markets
- Fundamentals of Investment
ii) Marketing
- Fundamentals of Advertising
- Distribution Management
- Fundamentals of Selling
iii) Management Science (Computer)
- Computer System & Programming
- Management Information System (MIS)
- Operation Research

  New courses are being developed.
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